About us

No matter for what kind of building – being it residential, industrial or public – our company can design and install the best quality ventilation and air conditioning systems in the shortest time, most professional way and at the same time at the most reserved prices. Our company UAB “Greitas manevras“ also performs constant maintenance on already mounted systems and we are very proud of providing the most reliable equipment with the highest quality work.

Prices for installation or maintenance are adequate to any type of customers – owners of private houses or flats, offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels of any size, shopping centres, administration buildings and banks.

UAB “Greitas manevras“ (“fast maneuver“) offers you extremely high quality air conditioners and recuperators, that are produced by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric. This company was established in the early 1870s. Apart for its very vast variety of well-known products, Mitsubishi Electric is also recognized as the world leader in producing high quality air conditioners and recuperators. Ventilation and air conditioning equipment offered by Mitsubishi Electric has high energy efficiency, is environmental friendly and gives impeccable and most comfortable conditions for any type of room. Find more detailed information about the company at www.mitsubishielectric.com

UAB “Greitas manevras“ – is a successfully developing company: consulting, designing, installing and maintaining ventilation and air conditioning systems throughout Lithuania. The company was established in the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius in 1996.

You can easily reach us:

by email: greitas@manevras.lt
by phone: +370 52104 212
by fax: +370 52104 213
by post: Verkių str. 39-207, LT-09109, Vilnius, Lithuania

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